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Re-align * Re-connect * Re-charge

Sometimes our vehicle needs a tune up—even though it's working and gets us from point A to point B—we know it isn't performing like it could, like it should. Teams need a tune up from time to time too. They need to re-align, re-connect, re-charge in order to function as originally intended; in a high performance way.

Team Tune-Up is our signature program and here is how it works:

  • We make a thorough team assessment, through a series of key interviews and a to-the-point team-wide questionnaire, to get our arms around what is working well and not working so well in the way you function as a team.
  • We then summarize what we've learned, as a neutral and confidential third party, and reflect that back to you and your team based on the obvious "themes" that surface from the combined voices.
  • From there, we customize a one or two day engaging, energizing, effective retreat (depending on your needs and preference) that highlights and celebrates team successes and uncovers and addresses team challenges.

Whether your team needs a nudge to continue moving in a positive direction or is desperate for a major breakthrough, a team tune-Up is the place to start!

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