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team skills training

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A series of hour long modules, customized for your team, is presented individually in a lunch and learn format or combined-to-suit as the focus of a training meeting workshop or team building retreat. Training sessions are interactive and offer a mix of creative activities to appeal to varied learning styles. The content of the modules are designed to improve your overall effectiveness and communication as a team including:

  • Sync Up—understanding and appreciating our differences in personality is a foundational component for working well together. We explore the value our differences play in a team effort and how to maximize team diversity rather than become frustrated by it.
  • Speak Up—explores how to give both constructive and positive feedback to other team members in a meaningful and motivational way.
  • Ease Up—explores skills necessary to resolve conflict and thoroughly consider alternative ideas and behaviors. The concept of win/win vs win/lose is emphasized.
  • Freed Up—explores ways to incorporate purposeful, goal driven time management principles into your days—making them less full and more fulfilling.
  • Shake it Up—provides insight for anticipating, preparing for, and embracing change in the workplace. The focus is on strategic thinking—what is our organization trying to accomplish and how can we contribute to that effort.
  • Listen Up—content deals with barriers to effective listening, characteristics of skillful listening, reflective listening techniques and how the listener can create a climate that motivates others to communicate effectively.

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