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team meeting facilitation

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Meetings that work!

During my years of consulting with executives and teams from varied industries and within companies of varied sizes, I found one common denominator: meetings, meetings, and more meetings! It is impossible to be part of an organization or committee or team and work together without meeting together. Meetings offer one of the best venues for growing from a group of people gathered together under a company or committee title into a dynamic team that makes a difference. While thinking time together as a group is essential to plan, solve, evaluate, and create; most of my clients say they find meetings frustrating and wasteful

We can facilitate your next team meeting:

There is no better opportunity to leverage the collective thinking power of a group; to broaden thinking, to create new ideas or ways of doing things, to solve problems, to make decisions than meetings. Besides all the tangible outcomes, people look to meetings to strengthen team unity, reinforce the culture, and even lift morale.

Meetings can inspire or deflate projects and spirits. The power to make it one over another most often exists with the meeting facilitator. I bring a process expertise to meetings designed to balance participation, deepen discussions, enhance creativity, and reach sustainable decisions as a team. Whether your meeting’s purpose is to solve, create, assess, resolve, or plan you will be completely amazed at the progress your team makes in a fraction of the time. I give the meeting its context, after gaining an understanding of your issues and objectives, and you and your team give the meeting its content. Successful meetings are the result of high intention. Together, we make meetings work!

We can equip YOU to facilitate team meetings more effectively:

Facilitate Dont Frustrate!

Facilitate Don't Frustrate!
A Workshop Designed for Team Leaders to Improve Team Meetings.

Whether the team you are thinking of is your department, committee, company, ministry group, or family; working together involves meeting together. As the facilitator, focusing a group's thinking and discussion can be quite difficult at times. In French, the word "facilitate" means "to make easy." During this workshop we will explore the 3Ps of facilitation (Process, People, Play) to help you better balance participation, deepen discussions, strengthen connections, unlock creativity, and make sustainable group decisions. Contact me for more information on bringing this workshop to your organization or convention.

Our team leader handbook, Facilitate Don't Frustrate: A Collection of Practical and Proven Tips for Facilitating Group Meetings is available as a take-home resource for participants.

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