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The ability to create and manage highly effective teams is one of the most important characteristics of truly successful leaders. In fact, it was named the second most critical leadership competency by some of our country’s most recognized leaders at the Presidential Leadership Competencies Summit at Harvard earlier this year.

TEAMed Up has created easy-to-reference handbooks and leadership specific workshops that equip you to become an even more effective team leader. We provide interactive half day and full day training workshops. The following team leader workshops can also be adapted for speaking engagements:

Facilitate Dont Frustrate!

Facilitate Don't Frustrate!
A Workshop Designed for Team Leaders to Improve Team Meetings.

Whether the team you are thinking of is your department, committee, company, ministry group, or family; working together involves meeting together. As the facilitator, focusing a group's thinking and discussion can be quite difficult at times. In French, the word "facilitate" means "to make easy." During this workshop we will explore the 3Ps of facilitation (Process, People, Play) to help you better balance participation, deepen discussions, strengthen connections, unlock creativity, and make sustainable group decisions. Facilitate don't frustrate!

Our team leader handbook, Facilitate Don't Frustrate: A Collection of Practical and Proven Tips for Facilitating Group Meetings is available as a take-home resource for participants.

Playing Like a Team

Playing Like a Team!
A Workshop Designed for Team Leaders

Plato said it best, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." During this hands-on team leader workshop, we will explore how to effectively facilitate and debrief team building activities to ensure that "active learning" occurs and is successfully transferred back to your team's work environment. Some of the most profound learning for teams comes from exploring the everyday challenges they face using team "games" as metaphors for those challenges when facilitated well.

Our team leader handbook, Playing Like a Team: A Collection of Team Building Activities that Promote Serious Play and Lead to Serious Results is available as a take-home resource for participants.

Teams Under Construction:
Tools for Building and Sustaining Dynamic Teams Under Your Leadership

This interactive workshop is designed to give team leaders the tools they need to build dynamic teams under their leadership. It is packed with proven techniques and tips for leading teams to become as highly functioning and self-directed as possible. This program highlights the core competencies of effective team leaders and can be customized based on the specific needs and experience of your team leaders, as well as, your organizational objectives. With application exercises and creative activities, we will explore practical ways to maximize team performance through effective leadership. Leverage your leadership for TEAM performance!

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