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Back to basics!

Whether in sports, business, ministry, government, health care, education or non-profit, highly-functioning teams remain focused on the basics; they execute the fundamentals well. Years of working with and for teams have shown one fact to be indisputable: the greater the sense of unity among team members, the more they accomplish in less time using fewer resources. Investing in your team's sense of unity and clarity of direction pays huge dividends.

There are seven foundational components that all effective, connected, self-directed teams and their leaders have in common:

  • A well-defined reason for existing that unifies the team (mission/vision/purpose);
  • Clearly defined goals supporting the team's mission/vision/purpose;
  • An agreed upon strategy and structure, within and between functional areas, for meeting those goals;
  • Internal processes and procedures that help, and none that hinder, the teams effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Purposeful skill development and growth opportunities for individuals and the team;
  • An intrinsically motivating system for measuring, acknowledging, and rewarding performance;
  • Effective team leadership.

We will work with you to assess your team's vitality and effectiveness in the fundamentals and, through leadership coaching and/or team development, assist you and your team in becoming as healthy and highly functioning as possible. It's back to basics!

TEAMed Up! Coaching

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