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It's serious play that leads to serious results!

Experiential team building offers "simulated" life experiences from which teams learn invaluable lessons about how to think and work better together. Through these activities, teams have the opportunity to explore everyday challenges they face using team "games" as metaphors for those challenges. Teams engage in real activity with real consequences for the purpose of meeting real goals (quality outcomes) under real constraints (time and resources). While the activities are unrelated to those they encounter in their actual work environment, the skills required to respond successfully, while having to think "on your feet", are the same. These activities consistently reinforce the importance of inclusion, thinking innovatively, adapting for team over individual success, collaboration, facilitative leadership, and valuing and better utilizing our individual differences.

A team building retreat will provide a surge of unity, energy, and like-mindedness:

A team building retreat is designed specifically for your team, based on a series of pre-session interviews, with you and your team, and a thorough understanding of your objectives. The experience is designed to draw out insight and application transferable to the processes, people, and programs you work with daily. Taking your team out of their normal work environment to observe group dynamics unfold—where no one has the advantage of tenure or title and personal risk is lowered—has lasting impact. Whether we focus on collaboration, communication, cooperation or any combination of team skills necessary to be successful; your team will come away reminded that "attitude is everything"; that it isn't your circumstances but your response to your circumstances that matters most to your success! Your team will leave this experience feeling energized, united, and intent on its purpose. It's serious play that leads to serious results!

Incorporate team building within your organization on an on-going basis; we will teach you how:

Playing Like a Team

Playing Like a Team!
A Workshop Designed for Team Leaders

Plato said it best, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." During this hands-on team leader workshop, we will explore how to effectively facilitate and debrief team building activities to ensure that "active learning" occurs and is successfully transferred back to your team's work environment. Some of the most profound learning for teams comes from exploring the everyday challenges they face using team "games" as metaphors for those challenges when facilitated well.

Our team leader handbook, Playing Like a Team: A Collection of Team Building Activities that Promote Serious Play and Lead to Serious Results is available as a take-home resource for participants.

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